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                Genting Highlands

                Genting Highlands is located at an altitude of 1,800 metres above sea level and is one of the most developed hill holiday resorts in Malaysia. Its temperature ranges from 15°C to 24°C throughout the year and is a place for you to escape the heat of the cities. This place is a popular destination for locals as well as foreign visitors.

                Genting Mountains
                • The nation's only casino is located here.
                • Genting International Convention Centre has hosted many world class conferences, seminars and meetings.
                • There are more than 100 dining outlets here. KFC, MacDonald, Chinese, Japanese, Thais, western and other fast food chain restaurants are all here for you to choose from.


                Genting Highlands Attractions

                Shopping & Food

                Besides the cool and refreshing air at the highlands, there are 3 shopping malls that you can go to. The Awana SkyCentral is where the Awana Station is. It is also the location of Awana Transport Hub. Go around this mall before taking the gondola.

                The Genting Highlands Premium Outlets is located just opposite the Awana Station. The only other premium outlets in Malaysia is the Johor Premium Outlets. There are many branded goods that you can get at reasonable prices for promotional items.

                Genting Highlands Premium OutletsThe Genting Highlands Premium Outlets. Branded goods are sold at a lower price here.

                Once you reached the SkyAvenue Station, you will be able to shop at SkyAvenue Mall. This latest mall on the top of Genting Highlands have plenty of outlets offering Malaysian, Vietnamese, Japanese, Thais and Western cuisines. Branded outlets such as Adidas, Bonia, Clarks, Esprit, Giordano, Longines and Puma are also here.

                Malaysian Food StreetMalaysian Food Street at SkyAvenue
                Genting mallShopping Mall

                Sky Symphony

                This theatre of lights, sound and visual is FREE for all to watch and is located at Level 1, SkyAvenue. The show will be on every hour from 10am to midnight everyday. See the video below.

                While at SkyAvenue, you can also go to the Alive Museum and Bona Cinemas. The Jungle Gym is for children to enjoy some activities.

                Jungle Trekking & Golf Resort

                For those of you who enjoy the nature, try jungle trekking and horse riding at Awana ranch. You will discover the many beautiful flora and fauna that abounds in this place.

                Golf enthusiasts will find the 18-hole golf course in Awana Golf and Country Resort a challenging course. The cool weather makes this course one of the favorites among golfers and many come back here for more.

                Fauna at Genting HighlandsEnjoy the greeneries at the mountains.
                Hibiscus flower at Genting HighlandsHibiscus flowers thrive here.
                Awana Genting HighlandsThe Awana Genting Hotel
                First World Hotel Genting HighlandsThe First World Hotel

                Getting Here

                There are many ways to get here. You can take the Genting Express Bus from major bus terminals such as Pudu Sentral, KL Sentral, 1 Utama and Terminal PUTRA LRT Gombak. The one way fare including the SkyWay will cost you about RM12 per person. There are also buses from KLIA, KLIA2, northern and southern parts of Peninsula Malaysia and Singapore.

                See the bus schedule here.

                Going up by car or taxi is convenient and hassle free as the roads up the mountains are wide and well maintained. If you have your own car, we would suggest that you check and make sure that the radiator water is enough to cushion the effect of overheating due to the drive up the hill.

                Other than that, do a slow drive up and enjoy the beautiful scenery and cool air up the mountains.

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                Gohtong Jaya Town 
                This town is a few km away from the Theme Parks. It has many restaurants for you to take your meals for a change. Try the Durian Tarts and Durian Ice Cream while you are here. 

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