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                Malaysia Travel Contest

                In the effort to promote the tourism industry, travel contests have been organised by the various agencies to encourage this industry. Most of the contests are related to video and photography of the various location in Malaysia.

                "Dream Malaysia Challenge" Travel Contest 2021

                Join this travel contest organised by Tourism Malaysia and GoPro to boost domestic tourism. All you need to do is load a video of attractions in Malaysia that you have previously visited. Contest is from 13th-28th Mar 2021.

                Here are the prizes to be won.

                1st Place - GoPro HERO9 Black + Travel Kit + GoPro Swags & 3D2N Full Board stay in Taman Negara.

                2nd Place - GoPro MAX + Smart Remote + GoPro Swags & 2D1N Full Board stay in Gopeng Glamping Park

                3rd Place - GoPro HERO8 Black + GoPro Swags & 2D1N Full Board stay in Tadom Hill Resorts

                4th Place - GoPro Swags & 2D1N Stay in Canopy Villa, Janda Baik

                5th Place - GoPro Swags & 2D1N Stay in Canopy Villa, Janda Baik

                Get more information here.

                World Palm Portraits Photography Travel Contest 2017

                Join this photography contest organized by Malaysian Palm Oil Council (MPOC). Both amateurs and professionals from all over the world are encouraged to join. Prizes to be won for each category is US$1500 for first prize and US$1,000 for second prize. Closing date is 30th June 2017. Categories:

                • People & Portraits
                • Nature & Wildlife
                • Black & White
                • Still Life & Photo Manipulation

                Beautiful Malaysia Photo Contest

                Use your camera, take your best shot of Malaysia and win prizes every week. Categories of submission are:

                • Places
                • Festivals
                • Food
                • Shopping.

                The main organizer is Tourism Malaysia and contest will run from 15th June to 20th Sept 2015.

                Travel Contest - MTC Photography Contest 2015

                The Malaysian Timber Council or MTC is also organising the MTC Photography Competition 2015 with the theme Wonders of the Malaysian Forest. This contest from 15th June 2015 - 31st Aug 2015. It is open to all Malaysians and is divided into four categories.

                • Human Interaction With The Forest
                • Glory Of The Forest
                • Wood And Its Many Uses
                • Student Category

                Register online at the MTC Website

                Kuala Lumpur Photography Festival Contest 2015

                This annual event is on with the last submission date on 1 August 2015. This year's theme is KLPF Model Shoot Challenge League with the grand prize of Fujifilm X-Pro 1 body worth RM3,000.  The photos must be taken at the KLPF Preview 2015 session. Head to the KLPF official website to join.

                CELCOM Escape Merdeka Video Contest

                In conjunction with 57th Merdeka of Malaysia, CELCOM has launched a video contest themed "Di Sini Lahirnya Sebuah Cinta". Show your love and patriotism to the country by submitting a 3 mins video based on this theme by 18 Aug 2014. Prizes worth RM157,000 await the winners.

                National Space Agency Art Competition

                All primary and secondary students throughout Malaysia are invited to join this poster painting contest organized by National Space Agency together with Science, Technology and Innovation Ministry. The theme is "Space for the future". Closing date is 31 Aug 2014

                Life at KTM Stations Travel Contest

                Take your camera and start taking pictures of KTM stations in Peninsular Malaysia that depicts "Life at KTM Stations".  Try to take unique pictures based on this theme.

                Three winners will receive a Fujifilm X-A1 camera + two train tickets to any destination in Malaysia and another 10 winners will receive FINEPIX S4600 + 1 train ticket.

                FRIM: National Heritage Painting Competition

                This is an effort taken by FRIM and National Visual Arts Gallery to promote the appreciation for the environment and art. You are invited to submit an artwork that reflects the landscape and natural environment of FRIM Kepong. 

                Painting can be done using colour pencil, oil paint, water colour, poster colour, charcoal, soft pastel, oil pastel, mixed medium or assemblage.

                Closing date is 15 May 2014


                1)Adult (18 and above) Category:

                1st Prize: RM3,000

                2nd Prize: RM2,000

                3rd Prize: RM1,000

                5 Consolation Prizes: RM500

                2) Students (13 to 17 years) Category

                1st Prize: RM2,000

                2nd Prize: RM1,000

                3rd Prize: RM500

                15 Consolation Prizes: RM100

                You must register in person at FRIM in order to join the contest. Call 03-6279 7591 for more information.

                FRIM Photography Contest

                The theme for this contest is "Uniquely FRIM". Take photos of FRIM in Kepong, Pasoh, Bidor or Mata Ayer from 1st to 30th Sept 2012 and win prizes. Call 03-6279 7000 for more information.

                Cyberjaya - Not Just A City Photography Contest 2012

                All photographers take note that the there is a photography contest with photos to be taken in the city of Cyberjaya. The contest is organized by Cyberview Sdn. Bhd. and is on from 19 March 2012 to 15 May 2012.

                The prizes that you can win are:


                First Prize: RM3,500 Cash + Certificate 

                Second Prize: RM2,000 Cash + Certificate 

                Third Prize: RM1,500 Cash + Certificate 

                Consolation Prize X 5: RM200 

                This contest is open to all Malaysians of all age groups.

                Hurry, go to this city along with your best camera and learn more about Cyberjaya. You will be surprised at the many happenings that are going on in this vibrant city.

                Further information can be obtained by calling +6 03 8315 6048.


                Secretariat of Digital Photography Contest 2012
                Business, Corporate Communications and Planning
                Cyberview Sdn. Bhd. 
                SME Technopreneur Centre
                Cyber 6, 2270 Jln Usahawan 2
                63000 Cyberjaya
                Selangor Darul Ehsan.

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